Michael is a former Prosecutor with 24 years of experience in law enforcement, criminal justice, and public service.

“I am running for Sheriff because Philadelphia’s Sheriff’s office has been disgraced with scandals, financial impropriety, and corruption for decades. The Sheriff’s office is broken, and I will fix it. I will restore the public trust and integrity in the office. And I will do it in my first term as Sheriff.”

Meet Michael

Michael is a former Prosecutor and public servant with over 24 years of experience.

Sheriff Bilal's Scandals

Current Sheriff Rochelle Bilal has 9 public scandals in her first 4-year term.

Plan for Reform

Michael has a 15-point plan for reform to transform the Sheriff’s office for good government.


What does the Sheriff's Office actually do?

The Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office has a $27 million Annual Budget with 428 employees and is responsible for:
  • Protecting the lives, property, and rights of all Philadelphians

  • Serving bench warrants for fugitives

  • Conducting court-ordered sales of property foreclosures and tax sales

  • Securing and storing firearms including confiscated and service weapons

  • Providing courtroom security for 6 courthouses

  • Transporting prisoners to and from court

  • Enforcing a variety of court orders / judicial process documents such as Protection From Abuse, Tax Liens, Writs of Prosecution, Complaints, Summons and Subpeonas