PHILLY MAG: This Ex-Republican Running for D.A. Wants Cash Bail to Be Abolished

Michael Untermeyer’s Platform at a Glance

  • Death penalty: Opposes it except in the “most heinous” crimes, such as the Boston Marathon bombing and premeditated shootings of police officers.
  • Civil asset forfeiture: The local D.A.’s office has used it to be “purely punitive”: “It was just to hurt people and bring in money.”
  • Cash bail: Wants it to be abolished completely and replaced with a “points” system.
  • Gifts: He wouldn’t accept gifts as D.A.
  • Super PACs: “I don’t want super PAC money.”
  • On how to fight crime: Go after narcotics organizations, do a better job of prosecuting illegal gun purchases, support a “community-based approach” to reducing crime.
  • On whether bad cops are sufficiently held accountable: “We can do things better to create more trust in the system.”