The Sheriff’s office is rife with corruption. Michael will change that once elected. Michael has a 15-point plan to turn the office around, and he will begin to implement transformational changes on Day 1.

Prioritize Public Safety and Restore Ethics and Integrity

  1. Ramp up personnel and resources to the Sheriff’s Warrant Unit to significantly reduce the 33,000+ active bench warrants to have an immediate impact on public safety by getting these fugitives off the street. 

  2. Implement a state-of-the-art inventory system for keeping track of all of the firearms (service weaponry and confiscated firearms) in the Office. 

  3. Implement rules for transparency of all of the Sheriff’s records and data.

  4. Enforce a strict policy of not permitting any employment that conflicts with the employment of the Sheriff’s Office through new employee policies and procedures. 

  5. Hire the most qualified individuals to manage the Sheriff’s Office, specifically the positions of the Undersheriff/Chief Legal Advisor, the Chief Financial Officer, and the Chief of Human Relations. These individuals will share a vision for good government and transformation of the office.

  6. Hire a Community Resource Officer to assist citizens in navigating the Sheriff Sale process to maximize their benefits by working with other city departments.

Focused Accountability and Transparency

  1. Hire an Inspector General for the office to ensure accountability, transparency, and compliance across all departments.

  2. Implement modernized general accounting systems for tracking all financial accounts and maintaining a record of all financial transactions and release quarterly reports.

  3. Maintain complete record-keeping procedures to account for fees received and payments made by the Sheriff’s Office to achieve full compliance with all recommendations in the Controller’s Performance Audit of the Sheriff’s Custodial Accounts.  

  4. Turn all monies from Sheriff’s Custodial Accounts to the City on a timely basis as well as monies owed to property owners involved in property sales.

  5. End secret off-budget spending and slush fund practices, as well as not making any major purchases without the approval of the City Law Department.

  6. Find cost-effective alternatives for the mandatory public advertising of Sheriff’s sales which cost homeowners $8,000,000 last year.

  7. Terminate the Sheriff’s illegal 6-year contract with Bid4Assets and enter into a new contract where individuals will have the opportunity to bid in person or online for properties being sold by the Sheriff’s office.

  8. Comply with the City’s procurement policies for purchases.

  9. Institute a policy of not using Sheriff’s funds for misspending of tax-payers’ dollars.